Storm Impact Database for the Case Study Sites

The database contains forcing factors, observations and hindcast data, observed impacts and quantitative and qualitative socio-economic, cultural and environmental data. Links are provided on the database website to the latest IPCC climate scenarios downloadable from the IPCC website. Sources of data stored in the database include data obtained in Task 1.2 of the RISC-KIT project, deliverables from the FP7 MICORE project, scientific publications, data contained in the Marine Knowledge Gate and media analysis performed by the case study partners. To ensure its long-term continuity, the database has been designed with common data fields to those of the EU Floods Directive as well as the more-general ISDR-GAR and CRED databases, meaning that there is potential for these database efforts to be merged in the future. Links have also been provided to the EEA-Clearing Houses .